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        Our research group is interested in understanding drug targets, three-dimensional structures of enzymes and receptors, designing molecular intervention strategies, synthetic medicinal chemistry, and development/implementation of biochemical and cellular assays, and animal disease models. Our group collaborates with teams in Toronto and elsewhere to engage in translational research. Please see Publications section for latest publications from our group.


       Our research group has a long traditional of discoveries and accomplishments!  Starting from the isolation and characterization of alpha-fluoroglycine, en route to our designer fluoropetidomimetics, then the first covalent inhibitor to ODCase - 6-iodo-UMP, a novel suicide inhibitor to ODCase - 6-cyano-UMP, then 6-iodouridine (Kopakamal) as a novel antimalarial agent, novel disease-modifying agents KP-218 and KP-302 for the prevention and reversal of demyelination in multiple sclerosis, development of novel extraction and processing technology for medical cannabis... the list is a little long one!!

       Using our medicinal chemistry and pharmacy knowledge, we love taking on challenges to create treatment solutions.  Due to the strategic location of the laboratory in the Toronto Discovery District at MaRS Center, we are privileged to engage in several collaborative research projects expanding the depth and breadth of our research projects focusing in medicinal chemistry.

        Our goal is to make a long lasting impact on translational medicine, and transform the lives of patients through better pharmaceutical care. Our discoveries of antimalarial drugs and drugs targeting diabetic neuropathy are being actively developed now as spin-off ventures (WinSanTor Inc. and CIDAVA Innovations Inc.) for potential therapeutic applications. We licensed the cannabis extraction technology to Scientus Pharma. which is in commercial production now. One of our recent partnerships with Lucid Psycheceuticals involved discovery and development of novel therapeutics targeting neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis and prodromic symptoms such as major clinical depression and anxiety.

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