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Kotra Research Group is a multidisciplinary research group investigating at the intersection of medicinal chemistry, drug action, preformulations and pre/clinical studies. Kotra’s laboratory has successfully translated basic research into advanced preclinical and clinical studies. Over the past 20+ years, Kotra’s lab has maintained high standards to conduct cutting edge research, including various regulatory clearances to conduct research with controlled substances such as medical cannabis.

Current research programs in Kotra’s laboratory include chemical/preclinical/clinical research on medical cannabis, cannabinoids and CNS-acting agents such as psychadelic molecules including on various cellular and organ systems, antivirals in organ transplant, disease-modifying therapies targeting multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative disorders, discovery of small molecules targeting thrombocytopenia, development of treatment strategies for chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), and clinical development of Kopakamal as an antimalarial agent. 

We are very proud of our collaborative network who are world-class, committed research groups to help advance the efforts towards meaningful clinical solutions.


27th International Conference on Arginine and Pyrimidines


2nd International Conference on Amino acids and Nucleotides




June 28-30, 2022

Chestnut Conference Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The biennial ICAP/ICAN conferences were first organized 55 years ago under the leadership of the late Werner Karl Maas. Once a chance for microbiologists to come together to discuss the emerging field of amino acid/nucleotides biochemistry and metabolism, the joint ICAP/ICAN conference has grown to encompass and advance knowledge of  amino acids, and nucleotides as they relate to biological processes, health and disease.

Conference is publishing its proceedings and will consider manuscripts from the delegates in a Special Issue in Molecules (Guest Editors: LP Kotra, L. Caldovic and EF Pai). Please see details on Special Issue here.

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